Let's Talk Hair...

Ladies, it's time for an important conversation so grab a cup of coffee and sit down where you will not be disturbed. Let's talk about hair and how to use hair to your advantage. This next post series will discuss the ins and outs of finding the perfect style to highlight your beauty. I could write a dictionary about hair and it would be a long read! But we will stick to a targeted series of serious hair topics and make your life easier and more beautiful!

Best Styles for your Face Shape

On to topic number one. Why do you need to find a haircut based on your face? Your unique face shape has a hairstyle that will compliment your beautiful visage. But which one? First, we need to find your face shape and the options are -- drumroll please -- oval, square, heart, round, and oblong. I promise to go into detail with the next article about how to figure out what shape your face is so you can rock your hair. 

Low Maintenance Hairstyles to Fit Your Lifestyle

Occasionally we women want to get all dolled up and look like the goddesses we are, other days we want to sit in our yoga pants with our hair in a clip and off our face and neck. Don't worry, an article is coming to help you decide the best low maintenance hairstyle for your face shape. 

Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

What's next? Hair color! Specifically hair color for your skin tone. With summer, your skin tone might turn a lovely tan shade, and you might need a new color for the next couple of months. Let me help you decide which one works best for your face shape and lifestyle. 

Other Color Options

If picking a color isn't enough of a challenge for you, we will also discuss other color options such as highlights, lowlights (who knew this was a thing?), glosses, base breaks, and perm color all to go along with your face shape and lifestyle. We are going to be busy, ladies!

How to Talk to Your Hairstylist with Confidence

Now don't freak out: our last topic is a toughie. Talking to your hairdresser can be a little intimidating -- especially for the meek -- but I have the lowdown on what questions to ask even the busiest hair-stylist to get the exact cut you decide on based on all these hair articles. Remember your hair-stylist works for you and their job is to give you the cut you requested. Equip yourself with the right questions and terminology to ask for the cut you crave. 

Come back with a fresh cup of coffee for the coming hair series and if you have any questions contact us here.

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