Best Cut for Your Face and Lifestyle Part 1

Here we are ladies, as promised, an article to help you figure out what shape your face is and what your goals should be for your face shape and hairstyle. Do you have your coffee? Good. You may think you know your face shape but do you know the goals for your shape? Take a few minutes to read through and save yourself a lot of hassle with haircuts that take you from a bombshell to bland. Let's get started: 

Oval Face - An oval shape means your face is slightly longer than it is round. Your forehead is wider than your jawline and your cheekbones are the widest part of your ravishing visages. 

Goals Oval faces have the most accommodating shape for haircuts. The trick is to even out the length. Go super short, luxuriously long, or anywhere in between. Seriously, any cut you choose will bring out the best of your features.

Square Face - A wide forehead and prominent jawline are the marks of a square-shaped face. With a distinct jawline, you are the belle of every room.

Goals - Keep your hair away from your square jawline for a softer feel. Longer hair is your best bet to even out where the eye falls but short can be done right. If you want a shorter cut, add texture for movement. Bangs are your buddy.

Heart Face - A small chin, slight roundness to the shape, and a wide forehead indicate a dreamy heart-shaped face.

Goals - Fill in the bottom half of your face to accommodate your delicate chin and side sweeping bangs to reduce your forehead. Cuts above the shoulders give the effect of a full jawline. And please gals with the envious heart, draw attention to those gorgeous eyes. 

Round Face - If your face is as long as it is wide, or close to, you are sporting a lovely round face. You are the proud owner of a round shape if your chin is softer or less defined in a delicate way, which means your cheekbones take center stage. 

Goals - Round faces women may want to avoid uniform cuts to add depth and length to their features. Texture is a fantabulous way to add edges to soft features need to avoid single layer cuts or bobs. Layers are your new Bestie as you should avoid uniformity to give your face the best frame. 

Oblong Face - This alluring shape is thin and quite a bit longer than the width of the face, adding elegance to your repertoire. With an oblong face, your chin could be more rounded and your cheekbones and jawline are similar in size.

Goals - Add volume and interest to you jawline by framing your long neck with layers to draw attention to the feature you wish to accentuate. Think volume. Few can pull off thick full hair as well as an oblong face. Heck, you even make frizzy hair look stylish. 

In the next article, we will discuss what haircuts are the best bet for your face and give you a few high and low maintenance 'dos. Glossed Boutique has everything today's busy woman needs: makeup that stays on all day and easy, effortless fashion.