Best Cut for Your Face and Lifestyle Part 2

We are on to part two of the best cut for your face shape. Read the last article to figure out what your face shape is and then come on back here for part two: the right cuts for your exquisite locks. From long hair to pixie cuts, I have the scoop on what will accentuate your positive and downplay your negatives. Not that you have many, you are epic and beautiful but why not glam it up with a gorgeous haircut?

Oval Face

High Maintenance Options - A bob with bangs is a fantastic haircut but to keep the bob coiffed perfectly means longer time primping. Prefer medium length hair? Keep your length around your shoulder with subtle layers that do not stick to your face, like a blowout. Expect a little effort for that effortless hair, an oxymoron right? 

Low Maintenance Options - center-part shoulder-length or longer straight hair will give you a jaw-dropping effect without hassle. Take this style up a notch with a large barrel curling iron, or throw it in a low ponytail for a sleek look. Blunt bangs take two minutes with a round brush and blow dryer. 

Square Face

High Maintenance Options - Go for long wavy hair for a 1920s style but equip yourself with a flat iron and blow dryer. A thinned out bob is another option. Add tapering to tone down your jawline and keep the length below the jaw, but expect to put effort into your locks. 

Low Maintenance Options - Long and straight is great to draw eyes towards the chin! If your hair is baby-fine then blow dry first. Layers work well if started at the collarbone with bangs cut at your cheekbones and your golden.

Heart Face

High Maintenance Options - Below the shoulder and deeply parted on the side with sweepy bangs is so stunning but so much work! This cut draws the eyes to all the right places but takes a flat iron, spray, and the kitchen sink to keep every hair in place. Make sure any layers or fringe break at the cheekbones and chin to even out your shape.

Low Maintenance Options - A bob with bounce is your go-to cut, with straight ends for less work. A little texture is fine, but avoid too many layers for simplicity. Brush damp hair with a round brush and avoid sitting back too far on the couch. A pixie cut with bangs is adorable and less than five minutes work with a blow dryer and a round brush. Some days, aka bad hair days, opt for a headband, again simple. 

Round Face

High Maintenance Options - A textured bob is approved for your face but requires products and a hair straightener to avoid a stringy appearance. An asymmetrical cut adds depth to your face but all those different uneven cuts require work to look professional and not like a mom who let her kids have a go at her hair with toddler scissors. 

Low Maintenance Options - Part at the shoulders in the center and layer around the jawline. Long enough for a ponytail or blowout for a quick flattering style. Why is this easy? A defined pixie is another low maintenance cut for an edgy shape with sharp cheekbones. The style requires almost no work: just brush, add a little gel, and away you go.

Oblong Face

High Maintenance Options - Loose waves will make you feel like the Queen of Sheba but at the cost of time to fluff and spray. Cut around your chin with some textured bangs provides the illusion of a shorter face with extra work, though, to keep the edges from turning under. Long low curls will give a dramatic effect but requires curling with an iron and oodles of products. 

Low Maintenance Options - A Medium length bob just above the shoulders curled under will give elegance without effort. Curl damp with a round brush and part deep to the side. Long enough to toss up in a clip or a barrette.

More on hair coming soon so check in often. Glossed Boutique has everything today's busy woman needs: makeup that stays on all day and easy, effortless fashion.