Who can become a distributor?

In short....anyone!

  • An individual who wants to run their own small business with lots of support from Senegence, me and our team!
  • A boutique or salon owner who wants to purchase Senegence products for wholesale and sell for retail.  Only order what you want, when you want it!  Click here for more information specific to boutiques and salons.
  • An individual who loves Senegence products and wants to buy them for their personal use at a deep discount. 

Whichever of these scenarios DESCRIBES "you," all of the below details are the same!

Why become a Distributor?

  • Deep discount on all Senegence products!  Discounts are effective immediately when you enroll.  
  • No monthly limit or minimum on sales or orders volume.
  • No "distributor kits" to purchase.
  • Easy-to-understand, generous, and liberal commission structure WITH downline compression!  
  • Minimal time committment. Spend as much time or as little time as you desire.
  • Freedom to run your business however you choose.
  • Mentorship and guidance from yours truly and my team of amazing ladies (if you want help)!

All the Details!

$55 one-time enrollment fee is all that is required to become a distributor.

With our Jump Start program, you receive 50% off for your first 30 days with a qualifying order of 300pv.  So you have the ability to purchase $600 worth of products for only $300.  This is a great way to launch your business or stock up on products for yourself!  Again, it is not mandatory to order a certain amount of product - volume simply ignites different discount structures.

Distributor Discount Structure -- PV (Point Value) = Half off retail price

1-99 PV         20% off

100-299 PV  30% off

300-749 PV  40% off

750+ PV        50% off

Ready to Enroll?

I am SO honored that you have decided to join our team! I think you’re going to have a TON of fun. And, if your journey is anything like mine has been, it’ll be about way more than just selling lipstick! It may be a personal growth journey that you never anticipated!


To enroll...

  • Click the below "Enroll Now" button and sign up under Distributor ID Number: 406149

  • Select "Individual Account."

  • The system will double check to make sure you are signing up under my name (Rory Bellow).

  • Enter your personal information.

  • The “New Distributor Kit” will be selected.

    • Any time it says “Business Name,” just leave it blank. No business name is needed at this point.

    • No need to purchase any Lip Kits.

After you enroll, you'll receive an email from me to help you get started and we will set up a call (or several calls) to walk through everything and answer all your questions!