What is it?

LipSense is a two part system for long lasting, smudge proof lip color.  The lip color molecularly binds to your lips (NOT a stain).  The gloss is a permeable shea gloss which transfers through the color to hydrate while keeping the color on.  Basically...it's magic!

ShadowSense is a long-lasting, rich eye shadow that start as a crème and finishes as a powder on the eyes. Shades can be worn separately or blended to create new colors and looks.  The formula includes anti-aging SenePlex Complex for protection of the delicate eye area.

BlushSense provides the perfect touch of color in a long-lasting, creamy blush that smooths easily over skin for a flawless finish that lasts all day.  It is blendable, highly pigmented and formulated with advanced color technology for water-resistant wear.  Can be applied with fingers, sponge or brushes.

What is SenePlex® Complex?

SenePlex® Complex is a kinetic energy enzyme that rushes new skin cells to the surface of the skin 23% faster than normal.

Ok, in English, please?! 

SenePlex® Complex increases your skin's ability to renew cells.  The average person gets a new layer of skin every 28 days.  SenePlex® Complex speeds this process up, giving us a brand new layer of skin every 16 days!

Included in all our cosmetics and anti-aging products.

How do I apply LipSense?

LipSense is applied in 3 layers and "set" with Glossy Gloss.  ALWAYS!

Each layer serves a different purpose in maintaining the color:

  • First layer touches the skin's PH and will break down first and fastest
  • Second layer is protected from the skin's PH by the first layer.  This is the layer that will stay put!
  • Third layer protects the second layer from the natural environment and will break down second and more slowly.

One Layer = covering the entirety of your lip one time.

LipSense is not applied like a traditional lipstick or lip gloss, so there is a teeny learning curve.  Check out my application video for step-by-step tips, but here is a summary:

  1. Clean and dry your lips (and your waterline).
  2. Shake well!  The color is suspended in alcohol, so it needs to disburse.
  3. Apply in a single direction and cover your whole top and bottom lip.  Remember your waterline!
  4. Let color dry for 5 seconds (I like to pop it with the blow dryer).
  5. Repeat for 2nd and 3rd layers.
  6. Set with the Glossy Gloss.

What's the deal with the gloss?

Can’t I just use my own gloss?  No!

Do I have to use the gloss?  Yes!

Our Glossy Gloss (clear) is used to set the color.  After you apply the color, you will need to apply the gloss throughout the day as your lips feel dry.  This gloss (and our others) are packed full of vitamins and shea butter (but no wax!) to give your lips true hydration!

In addition to our Glossy Gloss, we also have 10 “tinted” glosses that add a hint of color / shimmer / shine / fade.  Even with these glosses, you still ALWAYS seal the color with the Glossy Gloss at application.  If you want to use another gloss….set your color with Glossy, let it sit for 5 seconds and then blot and apply the colored gloss.  Throughout the day you only need to apply the “tinted” gloss, not both glosses.  Using both glosses only needs to happen at application.  Make sense?

Totally Normal!

When you first start wearing Lipsense, it's very normal for your lips to exfoliate and flake a bit.  This means the product is working....be patient, keep applying your Glossy Gloss or Moisturizing Lip Balm ,and stick with it! Products containing paraffin wax (99% of lip products on the market) suppress the lip's natural exfoliation process. After a few weeks of LipSense use, the years of wax-filled chapstick and lipstick will have sloughed off and your lips will feel super-soft and healthier than ever!

My lips are tingling...

Wrong!  It's actually very good for your lips and skin!

  • Hypoallergenic

  • GMO free

  • Lead free

  • Wax free.  Only contains synthetic beeswax in the gloss because natural bee's wax prevents your lips from getting hydration and going through the natural exfoliation process.

  • Cruelty free.  No animal testing

  • Vegan

  • Gluten free

  • Made in the USA.

  • For a full ingredient list by product, click below:

It's magical so it must be bad for you, right?