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Buy Wholesale, Sell Retail

$55 one-time enrollment fee is all that is required to become a distributor.

Becoming a distributor allows you to purchase Senegence products at wholesales prices.  You then sell the products at whatever retail price you set. 

Fine Print:  You cannot discount products more than 15% from the suggested retail price.

With the Jump Start program, you automatically receive 50% off for your first 30 days with a qualifying order of 300pv.  Thus, you have the ability to purchase $600 worth of products for only $300.  This is a great way to build your stock!  Again, it is not mandatory to order a certain amount - volume simply ignites different discount structures.

Distributor Discount Structure: PV (Point Value) = Half off retail price

  • 1-99 PV          20% off
  • 100-299 PV   30% off
  • 300-749 PV   40% off
  • 750+ PV         50% off

No Strings Attached

Honestly, it's as easy as it seems!

  • No monthly minimums to meet.
  • No "kits" to purchase.
  • Only stock the product volume you desire.
  • Only stock the specific products you desire.
  • Ordering is easy and done 100% online.
  • Freedom to set-up and showcase the product however you choose.  (I can help you with ideas!)
  • No hidden fees.
Fine Print:  The $55 is an annual fee paid to keep your distributorship status.  If your status lapses, you simply repay the $55 when you want to restart your distributorship.  No extra fee to cancel or restart.

Profit / Costs

Here is a profit example.  To customize these numbers to fit your specific store, click HERE.


ITEM                 WHOLESALE         RETAIL

LipSense Color   $12.50                   $25.00

Gloss                  $10.00                   $20.00

Ooops Remover $ 5.00                    $10.00

Customers per Month:  200

Average Senegence Purchase:  $45

Conversion Rate:  25%

Discount:  50%  (discount based on stock purchased during given month)


Cost:  $1,125.00           Sales:  $2,250.00               Profit:  $1,125.00

Click here to send me a message with your questions or simply to request more info.


To enroll...

  • Click the below "Enroll Now" button and sign up under Distributor ID Number: 406149

  • Select "Individual Account" or "Business Account" depending on how you have your store set up.

  • The system will double check to make sure you are signing up under my name (Rory Bellow).

  • Enter your info

  • The “New Distributor Kit” will be selected.

    • No need to purchase any Lip Kits.

After you enroll, you'll receive an email from me to help you get started and we can set up a call (or several calls) to walk through everything and answer all your questions!

Ready to Enroll?